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Monica Pisilli

Monica Pisilli
, who was born in Ravenna in 1970, graduated from the city's Gino Severini Institute of Mosaic Arts, and then worked alongside several well-known practitioners in the field, and at Ravenna's most important studio for mosaic art, SICIS, Monica joined with Francesca Gismondi in 2000 to set up Farmosaico, a mosaic art and design studio which won a number of public commissions, including the Palazzo Ferriani and the DADA club in Faenza, Villa Melonari in Bologna, as well as several important design projects for Yatch.

Monica won the “San Sebastian” prize for mosaic art at the first International Biennale for Mosaic Art for a piece developed with Francesca Gismondi.

About her work, Roberto Pagnani wrote: “Monica works with mosaics in highly multifaceted creative ways. Her singular artistic vision means that Monica produces work of great invention and originality which, when combined with a spirited approach to the use of colour, results in engaging pieces such as her various “Cactus” works as well as her trademark silhouettes of the female form or her shimmering mosaic picture frames.”

“Monica takes a variety of approaches to the medium of mosaics, a complex artform which demands not only an intense colour sensibility and confidence with the colour spectrum but also a hands-on ability to design, develop and deliver new work. It gives us the chance to admire the full range of her work, which includes many splendid pieces made of stone and other materials, and that now decorates many homes.”

Monica Pisilli's work has featured in numerous exhibitions, including:

1990: Pieces for the Aeolian Islands, by Italian and international artists
1991: “After” exhibition, at Ravenna's Il Patio Gallery
1992: “Autunno Romano”, first edition to focus on mosaic art, Rome
2000: First Prize in the International Competition for Contemporary Mosaic Art, Rome
2003: Exhibition at Fellini Gallery in Ravenna
2005: “Guerrieri di Luce”, Church of San Lorenzo, at Filetto near Ravenna
2005: Exhibition at the Slobs Gallery in Milan

Monica lives and works in Ravenna and in New York.

Monica Pisilli - Mosaico - Ravenna - New York